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Return Policy


Customers have 21 days to report defects or product issues. It is up to the discretion of Suckers how to handle any concerns. Some clearance items have been reduced due to the fact that they were used as samples. If you have any questions about the condition of the garment, please inquire before purchase. 


Hand wash ONLY in cold water. Hang to dry.

Please note that foil fabrics may fade over time due to use. 


Q: Where do you ship to?

A: As of right now we ship to Australia, the UK, Sweden and North America. All packages come with a tracking number.


Q: How much is shipping?

A: See below.

  • USA $25
  • CAN $15
  • UK $55
  • SWEDEN $55

Q: How long will it take to get my order?

A: The answer varies case to case. Everything is made to order and we are a small operation just starting out. We rarely have garments in stock but that said, some of our basics can be shipped out between 2-3 days of payment. Custom orders will take longer. Your wait time depends on how many orders are in queue before yours. You're looking at 5 days to 6 weeks. We can accommodate rush orders but please bear in mind there will be an additional charge. 

Q: These black leggings don't look like my other pair. Why is that?

A: Sometimes fabrics don't turn out the same. We always deliver the same quality fabrics, but please be aware that from time to time, shades may change slightly. This happens at the production level and is the nature of the beast when it comes to ordering large amounts of fabric.

Q: How do custom orders work? Is there anything you wont do?

A: Have you always wanted a Rogue themed dress or leggings? We can do that. See a pair of basic leggings you want in red but they are shown in black? We can do that too. How it works: drop us an email and we will take it from there. Custom orders do cost slightly more due to the sketching and communication time but trust us, it's worth your while!

Please note that all custom designs are property of Suckers Apparel and we have the right to reproduce them at any time. The only thing we will not be delving into at the moment are complex cosplay or costumes. We would like to keep the focus on leggings, dresses, bodysuits etc. 

Q: Do you make clothing for kids?

A: Yes! Although we don't have anything in our store, most pieces can be produced in children's sizes. Contact us for more information.

Q: What fabrics do you use?

A: Suckers only uses stretch fabrics. Spandex, Supplex, Foils, Twill, Jersey and Velvets, we strive to give you the highest quality textiles. None of that paper thin business here!

Q: Why are your leggings more than the ones in the mall?

A: Everything we create is made to order here in Canada so our labour costs are more than what one might pay overseas. Also we believe in only using the best fabrics and quality comes at a higher cost.  

Q: What size do you stop at?

A: We don't. We will make anything from xxxs to xxxl. Whatever size our customer needs we are willing to make and for no extra charge.