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27 Sep '14

We are open for business!!!

Posted by D Vulnavia

Hey folks!


We are glad to be back with our soft launch featuring our new releases. These pieces will be available until 10/10/14. We plan on opening up permanently in the new year with some of our old favorites and new collections as well. Thank you for your patience and welcome back! 

01 Jan '14

Suckers Apparel Closing Temporarily

Posted by D Vulnavia
Hi Folks.
A new year is a time for change and with that said Suckers Apparel will be closing shop until Spring. We have encountered some hiccups along the way that have led to less than perfect customer service and that isn't how we want to run our business. In the next couple months we shall restructure and work out all the kinks so we can deliver products faster and even better than before. If you've placed an order, it will absolutely be filled in the next couple weeks. Thank you for you support and patronage and have a happy new year. 
14 Dec '13

Recent Orders -UPDATE!

Posted by D Vulnavia
Hey guys!

Just a quick note that for those of you who are waiting on orders- we're doing our best to get them to you as fast as possible and we have a large shipment going out this week and more the following week. Thank you for your patience!

Happy Holidays!
19 Nov '13

Inventory Update

Posted by D Vulnavia in inventory, stock, suckers, suckers apparel, Twin Peaks

Thank you so much to Jezebel, AV Club, Laughing Squid, and everyone else who has shared our Twin Peaks line. We're thrilled at the response and will update everyone as soon as their order has shipped.

Unfortunately, we're still a small start-up with limited resources. In order to keep quality standards high, we are temporarily disabling orders on certain items until further notice. You can sign up for our newsletter to get updates on when items are available again and we will re-release most of our Twin Peaks line when the second part of the collection is live, early next year. We will have some similar solid velvet pieces in our next basic release, so stay tuned for that! 

To those who have already purchased items, thank you for your purchase. Everything is being made to order and will ship within one to six weeks.

Thank you again for the overwhelming support! 

27 Oct '13

Temporary Shut Down

Posted by D Vulnavia
Hi Folks! 
Unfortunately we will have to shut down the online store due to some technical issues from October 28th and we will re-open November 13th or 14th with the launch of our Twin Peaks collection.

Orders that have already been placed will be filled but as of tomorrow, no additional orders will be taken until the above mentioned date. 

We appreciate your understanding and patience while we work out these glitches with our new company.